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Claudio KillCannon's Note

Good Morning Tomas Morato, where people never sleeps. Land of gimik and party.

Shine bright, die young. #Symbolo

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ITA-lian Platter, JapaNESe Platter and the Sugar Addict Platter. And those sweets gave me the Sugar rush (Those makes me feel sick).

Dinner at Buffet 101 plus the band singing random songs at the celebrant’s table like Gangnam Style, Macho Gwapito. And the gifts that they gave and finally, the time that we’ve shared together. It was a wonderful night indeed.



wait till the end

#OMF#for people who don#t understand#Today is Thursday and the weather is amazing#But you don’t have a boyfriend#SHUT UP YOU BASTARD#:Y

"This leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is… take you seriously."


Cham, the baby is crying right behind you.

I know. He’s fed, changed and okay. He’s crying for attention.

Do I have to come all the way over there to give him attention?

No! He has to understand that he can’t get whatever he wants by sobbing for a few minutes. Let him cry.

○ Im Mark Bernardo Mercurio ○ also known as Mark Xiao Cahill ○ From Mercurio and Bernardo Clan My blog contains some fragments of my life, Shitty photos ,Rated SPG posts and ideas and insights on how i live my life. Follow if you dare, its up to you if you want to see the real me. Be ready to meet Claudio KillCannon as you read his Note. Be amazed and enchanted. As you unravel the enchanting experiences. You're free to stop following me, but im warning you, ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. So Welcome Children of all Ages! Discover the World beyond! See things differently! And once again, Welcome Young Lads.

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